Through the shelf introduction

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1, through the shelf introduction

The pass-through shelf is also known as a gallery shelf or a drive-in shelf. Through pallet access mode, it is suitable for storage of large types of goods. In addition to the location of the aisle, it is usually not more than 7 locations for the goods to be accessed from the shelves. To enhance forklift truck operation speed, can choose according to actual needs configuration guide rail, compared with the position type rack, through type shelf (into the shelf) library can improve the space utilization of more than 30%, through type shelf (into the shelf) is widely used in cold storage and food, the tobacco industry.

The characteristics of the pass-through shelf:

The cargo storage channel is also the storage and transportation channel of forklift truck, which is a kind of shelf of higher storage density.

It is usually used for a small but large quantity of goods, and the goods that are not high in order to choose the goods.

3, with ordinary forklift truck hoisting height, propylaea shelves layers for the conventional calculation, three layers of goods warehouse storage capacity can be effectively increased by more than 100%, compared with investment cost is under control, benefit is remarkable. In the case of global storage cost, the cost of investment can be offset by increasing storage capacity in three years.

The goods follow the advanced principle and apply most of the transportation machinery storage and operation.

3, pay special attention to

The safety of the personnel needs special attention because of the need for a forklift truck to enter the shelves and access the goods.

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