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Fluent type shelf, also known as sliding type shelf, the use of the roller aluminum alloy, such as sheet metal article fluently, use the goods weight bench, from side channel inventory, the other side of the channel and realize the fifo, convenient storage, and a replenishment for many times. The high efficiency of the machine is suitable for the short-term storage and selection of large quantities of goods. With electronic tags and easy management of the goods, the commonly used sliding containers have the revolving box, the parts box and the cartons, suitable for large quantities of goods and short-term storage and selection. Suitable for the short-term storage and selection of large quantities of goods. It is widely used in distribution center, assembly shop and the warehouse with higher shipping frequency.

1, the structure characteristics

Fluent type shelf structure features: fluent type shelf fluent article connected directly to the front and rear beam and middle support beam, beam directly hung on the pillars, fluent article installation slope depends on the size, weight, packing case and the depth of the fluent rack, usually take 5% ~ 9%. The carrying capacity of the fluent roller is 6kg/only, when the goods are heavier, you can install 3-4 fluent strips in one roller. A support beam is usually installed at 0.6 m in the depth direction to increase the stiffness of the fluency bar. When the roll is longer, the partition can be separated by a partition. The loading port must be installed to slow down the cargo and reduce the impact.

2, application characteristics

Adopt roller type aluminum alloy, etc., and use the goods to realize the advance of the goods first.

Access convenient, suitable for both sides of assembly line, distribution center and so on.

It is suitable for the storage of large quantities of similar goods, and the space utilization is high, which is suitable for the use of steam distribution plant.

It can be used with electronic tags to realize the information management of goods.

3, the applicable scope

Fluent racking system is widely applied in manufacturing industry, business, distribution center, assembly workshop and shipment fluent in warehouse racking: higher frequency using the roller aluminum alloy, such as sheet metal article fluently, first in first out, by using weight bench, storage is convenient, applicable to the assembly line on both sides of the distribution center and other places.

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