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1, the introduction of

Cantilevered shelves are made up of cantilevers on vertical columns that can be fixed or moved. There are more pipes and boards. According to the load capacity, there are three kinds of light weight, medium and weight. The structure can be divided into single-sided cantilevered shelving and two-sided cantilevered shelving

The use of shelves

The cantilever shelf is suitable for storing long materials, ring materials, plates, pipes and irregular goods.

The structural advantages of the shelf

Cantilevers can be single or both sides, and cantilevered shelves have structural stability, good load capacity and high spatial utilization. The access to the goods is carried out by forklift, driving or manual.

The height of the cantilevered shelf is usually within 2.0 meters (as high as 5 meters for a forklift), and the cantilever length is within 2.0 meters, and each arm is usually within 800 kilograms.

The characteristics of the shelf

Only applicable to long strips or long rolled goods.

The transport equipment that needs to cooperate with the wide range of the fork, such as the fork lift truck.

The shelves are highly restricted, usually under 6mb.

4, space utilization is low, about 35% to 50%.

Storage: long strips and long rolls.

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