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Beam shelf profile

The beam shelf is a specialized warehouse shelf for the purpose of access tray goods (each pallet is a cargo space, so it is also called a cargo shelf); The beam rack is made up of columns (columns) and beams, and the beams are simple and safe. According to user's actual usage, the size of the pallet load requirements, pallets, warehouse actual space, forklift truck hoisting height, actual dressing yu industry can provide different specifications of the beam type shelf to choose from.



The characteristics of the beam shelf

The beam type shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable, and can adjust the combination of the items in any order. Widely used in tray storage, forklift access warehouse mode.

The column of the bar rack is connected by the bolt, the crossbar and the diagonal brace. The cylinder and c-type weld-welded girder plug into the shelf frame, adopt safety pin fixation, the structure is simple and reliable. Each layer can be adjusted up and down by 75mm or 50mm.

3, the beam type shelves column, beam can be obtained with the load requirements, specifications and the size of the decision layer layer has a large moment of inertia, load capacity, strong shock resistance, the characteristics of each layer maximum load under the relative design of up to 5000 kg/layer.

4, the beam type shelf single column height can reach 12 meters, beam shelves plastic type is very large, on the basis of beam shelves set up mould stereo library shelves, attic shelves, shelves, etc can also make the special oil drum shelves, etc.

The beam shelf can effectively improve the storage height of the warehouse and improve the space utilization of the warehouse. Suitable for all kinds of goods.

Beam type shelves are more secure, preventing forklift collisions can also increase upright and anti-impact poles. It is also possible to place crossbar, layer board, and straddle beams and other attached facilities on the beam for safety.

Low cost 7, the beam type shelf, installation and operation is very convenient, to find easy, would apply to any handling tools, so it is one of the most widely used shelves.

The beams can also be plywood, which can be made of steel, laminated, or grid. To use different sizes of pallets.

3, the application scope of

The beam shelf is a kind of storage shelving, which belongs to the heavy shelves, and the beam shelf is called the selected shelf, the shelf shelf, pallet shelf and so on. We can see that the storage shelves use range is very wide, including electronics, home appliances, communications, computers, instruments, furniture, clothing, cars, tires, supermarket stores, etc.

In the process of storage and storage, the effect of the beam shelf is obvious. Its use value is mainly manifested in the work place, can join the width of the warehouse or special structure and so on for special operation, and so on, which can account for the racking its beams in the process of actual operation can be more convenient customer access to goods, generality is stronger. As a case, the beam type shelves use value in a lot of enterprises have been the real reflected, also get customer recognition, it has the flexibility and versatility in a certain extent, make the enterprise economic benefits have been improved effectively. The beam shelf is also widely used in the warehouse.

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