Supermarket shelves commodity display which?

Product Information
When we visit the supermarket, we will find the goods placed in the supermarket is very neat, each species of goods or not a class to be separated, looking very neat, but also let customers find their own things you want Very convenient, then the supermarket shelves commodity display of the usual way which? The following Fang Kun shelf Xiaobian to show you about the general display of several ways.
1, end display
    The end is an important strategic fortress position, not only determines the sales of the store, but also the image of the store display "window".
2, island display
    In the hall and the entrance through the configuration of special exhibition booth to display the product This display is called the island display method.
3, neatly displayed
    Only need to be based on the specific size of the shelf, as well as goods long, wide, high number of rows, the goods will be neatly placed neatly.
4, random display
    And the neat show is different, random display often only need to determine the shelf on the random code can be put up.
5, hanging display
    Will be non-dimensional, flat or slim type of goods hanging in a fixed or can be turned on the hook on the display rack.
6, highlight the display
An original neat shelves, suddenly artificially protruding a part. For self-protection instincts, customers tend to give extra attention to this prominent part.