Mold shelves

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Mold shelves

The drawer is also called the mould rack, which is mainly used for storing various molds. At the top of the configurable mobile hoist car (hand or electric), at the bottom of the drawer is equipped with roller track, bearing, still can use a small force to pull, additional insurance positioning device, safe reliable; According to the load capacity, it can be divided into two types: light weight and weight. Easy to operate: adopt the bearing combination, slide translation and attach the independent lifting device, no need for large driving and forklift truck.

Mold shelves

Safety and reliability of mould rack: additional positioning device, safe and reliable.

Easy to operate: adopt the bearing combination, slide smoothly, and attach the independent lifting device.

Simple structure: assembled by a variety of composite parts, easy to transport, install and dismantle.

The area is only 1.8 square meters, which can hold dozens of medium sized molds, save space, and facilitate the maintenance and management of mould.

According to the user's requirements, we can carry on different mould racks with different specifications.


Color can be self-determined

The bearing face adopts the pattern plate, can increase the friction to prevent the mold slip and so on.

Modular bulk can be arbitrarily assembled.

Adjust the height of the ground and overcome uneven surface area. .

2, shelves characteristics

Three-grid four-tier standard drawer shelves;

Specifications; High H2000 * deep D615 * long L3100MM, 888

Each drawer can take up to 800-1000kg

The cart is carrying 800 to 1000KG

The drawer pulls out 65%

Safe and reliable additional insurance devices

The operation portable adopts the bearing combination, the sliding balance and the independent lifting device

The area of the area is 1.8 square meters, which can hold dozens of small and medium sized molds

The structure is simple, assembled by a variety of composite parts, making it easy to disassemble, transport and assemble

Standard type draw-drawer technical parameters:

The column is made of 10 # channel steel, and the vertical bar is 25 * 25 square

The brackets of the drawer are 50 * 50 angles, and the drawer panel is made of 2MM steel

The slide is made of the 4MM steel plate

The bearing is 6403 #

5. Paint

The color customer is self-determined

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