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Layer plate shelves

1, floor shelf description

Layer plate is also called the shelf board type shelf, usually are artificial access system, modular structure, uniform layer spacing of 50 mm is adjustable, goods are often for parts or not heavy already packaged goods (for artificial access), shelf height below 2.5 m normally, or it will be hard to hit a artificial (e.g., supplemented by truck can be set up at about 3 m). Unit shelves span (i.e. length) shoulds not be too long, the unit shelf depth (the width) shoulds not be too deep, according to the unit of each layer of the load can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf board type shelf, layer board is mainly for the steel layer board, wooden floor board two kinds. The shelf shelf is suitable for storing scattered and light goods, can be converted into loft shelf. In order to meet the demand of goods more storage, shelf plate shelves can also configure the heavy beam support (column), the floor may be (usually 2-3 layers), equipped with ascending stairs, handrails and cargo elevator, etc., it evolved into a loft-style shelves, especially suitable for auto parts, electronics companies such as the classification of the series of products to save and load is not more than 500 kg / ㎡.

There are beams shelf                                              No beam shelves

Floor shelf characteristics

The structure is simple and beautiful. There are two kinds of structural characteristics of beam and non-beam.

Cold rail steel plate for raw material; The shelf floor can be adjusted up and down by 50mm.

It is usually used for small and medium parts and heavy cargo storage.

It is carried, stored and selected by hand.

The normal size of floor shelves

1, no beam layer plate shelves: mainly consists of columns, plate and layer board, no beam, belongs to the modular structure, below the layer board for welding have reinforced steel layer board, beautiful shape, without any bolts to connect, install and disassemble because it is pillar on the pitch for a 50 mm pitch can be adjusted height of layer board. The specification of type A shelf shelf is as follows:

长*宽(length*width) 1500*500 1500*600 1500*800 1800*500 1800*600 1800*800 2000*500 2000*600 2000*800
每层最大载重maximum loading(kg) 250 300 350 200 250 300 200 200 250
表面处理surface treatment 喷塑(roast paint)
备注remarks 特殊尺寸能够进行定制we can design and make the product according to different size.
2, with beam layer plate shelves, shelves by hooking structure, tear open outfit is convenient, layer spacing can be based on the up and down in every 50 mm height adjustment for the goods, the load range of up to 200-800 - kg/layer. Layer board can choose the material such as steel plate, board, medium plate. This kind of shelf is highly suitable for artificial access to the goods. It is an ideal storage product for small and medium-sized warehouses. The specification of medium shelf shelf is as follows:
长度 length 1500 1800 2000 2200 2400
宽度 width 500 600 800 1000 (三立柱) 1200 (三立柱)
高度 Height 1800 2000 2200 2500 3000
注:以上长、宽、高尺寸可任意组合,也可依据要求尺寸提供非标订做。(we can meet your different size.)
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